Why we lie on April 1st?

Although many lie on a daily basis, starring our politicians, there are the lies that say 1 April, where someone says lies in order to fool the «victim» and tell him with a smile of success good month!

An example of a great farce, is when at the beginning of the 20th century an American Journal published an article, which stated that Thomas Edison had invented a machine, which render the water in wine. That was enough to make vertical drop in the stock market, shares of companies manufacture and movement of wine.

Today a simple notice of SKAI TV that “after the accident that “hit” the group “militants”, the channel is forced to discontinue the SURVIVOR game”, it would be enough to “ignite” the phones of the station.. How changing times…


How began this custom?

As Wikipedia says is a custom that we have come from Europe. There are different versions of the place and the time was born in custom, two of these are the predominant.

From the Celts

In accordance with the first version, the custom was initiated by the Celts. The people of north-west Europe was optimal fishermen. As good fishermen but was, 1 April each year have started in fishing, fish would suggest difficult. So they, like instructing him the “code of conduct” the fishermen of all ages, was telling lies on the amounts of fish were caught. This habit, done with the passage of time.

From France

The second version, which is considered to be more reliable historical, wants the birthplace of custom, the France of the 16th century. Until the 1564 New Year of French was “1 April”. But then on the reign of Charles 9th this changed and New Year has become the 1 January. The principle is not accepted by all citizens. The Reactionaries continued to celebrate, old, New Year on 1 April, while the rest  send them new year’s gifts to the ride.

The custom in Greece

The custom has come gradually and in our country, gaining a Greek persuasion. We say innocent lies in order to evade the “victim”. In some areas, consider that whoever is to fool the other, will have the luck with part of the whole of the rest of the year.

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