Dionolymposguide’s tribute to Olympus “Volta ston Olympo” (mt Olympus ride) continues with horse riding on the green paths of the mythical mountain. Whether you choose riding as a sport or as a hobby, always contact with the horse will remain an exciting experience. If, indeed, the equestrian routes take place in the beautiful area of Olympus, then the feeling is truly unique.

Contact with the horse gives you physical and mental health. You learn to balance and control your body, exercise your body, while many more are the benefits of mental health. For this reason, moreover, has developed a lot in recent years in Greece, Therapeutic Riding, which contributes to the physical and mental rehabilitation of a person, who faces mobility or psychosomatic problems.

In Litochoro, there is the “Olympus Horse Riding Club”, where one can do athletic or therapeutic riding. The programs are made individually or as a group.

Watch the VIDEO and enjoy the beauty of the nature of the unique Olympus mountain along with the sense of freedom, which is given by riding and contact with the horse.

(Video Production: VM Photograpphy & Videograpphy)

Annie Kapetanaki is a riding instructor, owner of the “Olympus Horse Riding Club”, in Litochoro. For more information about group or individual programs, you can visit the club’s website: Olympus Horse Riding Club or call 694 053 2474.

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