In the archaeological site of Dion, right next to the building of the Archaeological Museum, is the Store Gallery of Dion. The building was created specifically for the preservation of the mosaic of the “Villa of Dionysus”, one of the most impressive mosaics of Greece.The epic mosaic depicts the triumph of Dionysus, the God of wine.

The mosaic

The unique mosaic depicts, in its central representation, the Triumph of Dionysus, with the God of wine, naked, lying on a chariot drawn by sea Panthers, which in turn are led by two sea centaurs with bridles. On the paintings, which by three, surround the central performance, theatrical masks are depicted.

The mosaic was discovered at the archaeological site of Dion, by the team of Professor Dimitris Pantermalis. He decorated the floor of a central room in a banquet hall of 100 sq.m. in a building of 200 A.D. one of the most important building complexes of ancient Dion. This is the “villa of Dionysus”, which took its name from the mosaic.

The necessity of its transfer

It came to light in 2002 and remained in the grounds of the villa, protected under a canopy. The waters, however, which flood Dion for many months a year and despite their drainage do not cease to gush, no longer allowed its stay and maintenance in its natural place. So it was decided to transfer the mosaic floor to a building created for this purpose, the Store Gallery.

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