Paschalis Tsarouchas speaks in dionolymposguide for his new book “Αnd to think we almost defeat”

A few, just days before the premiere of the new theatrical representation, where plays, “Stella”, by Michalis Kakogiannis which is transferred to the theater for the first time, actor, writer and singer Paschalis Tsarouchas found on Monday 23 October 2017 in the “Allo Kafeneio” in Katerini, for the launch of this new book, “And to think we almost defeat”, published by “Ostria”, signed with his real name Paschalis Papatsarouchas.

The new book by Paschalis Tsarouchas, rattles to reaction to the… own yourself. “Worked Fissures in the rotten cycle. Build the world you imagine”. “Το Think”… “Το Act”… “Το React”… “To exist”.

A dramatic love story, in a country that blush, encourages players and readers to make their personal fight. How the author proposes its own alternative: with Love, Consciousness, Solidarity, Industriousness, Creation, Babies.

Many messages, many suggestions, many prompts… all on a novella just 165 pages. When you start to read a book by Paschalis you don’ t leave it until you arrive at the last word. Keeps you there in each page, in each sentence. It makes the viewer in a film, where in addition to the words you hear the music, the sounds of the road, hearts that knock, motor of protagonist that starts up.

And when you arrive at the end, the feeling that you have, is like you want to farewell your old “yourself” which not react to anything and welcome the new one, that feels strong and ready to bring the overthrow everywhere. But will you do it?

For the Paschalis Tsarouchas do not need to say very much. Everyone has his own image for him – in particular – from the artistic route. But I realized, from the little that I know him, only one. In what creates submits his soul and this is for a single reason. Because he is true. In all.

The book, already left his hands and “travels” by Greece. But he is here,  to talk about the need which led him to write this book.

What is the need which led you to the writing of this book? In the presentation of the book you mention that you believe in human. In its power. The love. It is possible and likely to win everything, or as the title says “we have almost defeat”?

This book is the imprint of the era in which we live. The imprint of my personal and not only, view at that time. At a time when an attempt is being made to complete hide, counterfeiting and “rewriting” history, this book comes to put an obstacle in the dark. The love, the strength of human being, obviously and is capable of victories. For steps to take decisive steps toward the good. Totally, we will never be able to talk about victory or defeat. There is no one without the other. In continuous interdependence. And of course, everyone lives this attributable to the era, but also the essential fight for life, do the same. Moreover, when you say that you’ve almost defeat, automatically, you mean that you’ve almost beaten. The daily struggle of man for the good I prefer to focus at.”

The title of the book is  itself a story. What is the fight today? What beat? Or what we lost?

“Beat, in the first instance, poor us ourselves. The non-reaction. and fear, up to a point. We only lost by the evil ourselves also, who fooled, betrayed and did not dare to resist and to cope with such a new challenge. As I said before, however, victories and defeats in rotation. Nothing has come to an end, if it as nothing could be regarded as definitive since the days are still dawn, people continue to dream and to create new creatures. Babies.”

The personal life of the protagonists will be affected by the socio-political situation. In real life, to what extent we allow such intervention, both in nature and in our psychological condition?

“I believe that nobody can live ignoring the reality of the society in which they participate. This is determined by both the quantity and quality of emotions, of material needs. The same is laid down the dividing line between survival and living conditions, describing the red lines according to the values of each epoch. The Heroes of the book, cannot only be pieces of this society, enjoy or to pay the cost of options, sometimes by choice and sometimes simply because, there are found at the point they should not be. Do not always be dependent on ourselves how and when, when it really happening things. Which intellectual work, with ourselves first and foremost, need to have with awarenessthe times of peace. When the society blush, each go to fire with which supplies had already has. Many people are not going at all.’

In the book there is reference to real events (rallies and incidents in Athens, The trial of  SIEMENS), in real political persons (without naming) and movements. Distinguish your frustration on the course of events and the behavior of people. But at the same time and your optimism that man can beat everyone?

“Correctly the descriptors for. Disappointment but not. Surprise always, for the evil that is lurking everywhere. If Ι could say a word, anxiety is the predominant  feeling. Anxiety about the person goes at the end of this train, whether we go up for the trip, whether it is enough to force us to change the route or simply, we must confine ourselves to sabotage against the evil, producing, with elusive whenever staff costs, small doses capable of good.”

From your book “Now you can slaughter me” to the current “And to think we almost defeat”, I have the feeling that you have become much more boldly in the eyes of the public. Rattles to react. You believe that now is the right time to this, or that now is ready to do that?

“To be honest, this is the time when requested. But the most important thing, I think it is that, I am ready now for what you describe.”

Today is there a future for our country? “Unfortunately no political bloc is claiming to express the world which reacts” write in the book. Today “elpis (hope)requested”? What is your own alternative?

“My alternative, mentioned in the book:





Create babies.

The fact that the hero sees no hope, does not mean that hope does not exist. As it said, a slogan on a wall: We must make the place we will meet again.”


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