Built on the slopes of Mount Olympus, this charming Palios (Old) Panteleimon village, in amazement at first glance. Stone houses with red-tile roofs, stone cobbled streets, the square with the sycamore trees, the restored church of Saint Panteleimonas to dominates the center, create a cinema scene.

That’s why at the beginning of 1980, greek famous director Theodoros Angelopoulos made there some shooting of “Megalexandros” (Alexander the Great) and many years later in 2008, another director Kostas Koutsomitis found in the Palios Panteleimon the ideal backdrop for the transfer of the novel of Dido Sotiriou “Matomena Xomata” (“Bloody soil).


Just 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki and 400 kilometers from Athens, the Palios Panteleimon, invites us all to walk in the alleys and to listen to the sounds of the magical coexistence of the old with the new.

The traditional with the modern. The history with the development. Sounds “dress” the timeless hospitality, which years you spend, no change will not affect.

Once abandoned settlement became, for many years now, in tourist destination in summer and winter. The natural beauty, hospitality, great  foods, delicious homemade sweets, a cozy stay in traditional guesthouses and a short distance from the highway – just 6 kilometers – and the beach of Pieria, have climbed the Palaios Panteleimon in the first position of the heart of many visitors.



Palios Panteleimon was built at an altitude of 450 meters, probably at the end of the 14th century,. The building was made by craftsmen who had originated from Ipeiros who – according to tradition – worked in various villages of Pelion. In the 1990’s 50 abandoned by the inhabitants who are over 6 kilometers below, creating the Neos Panteleimon (New Panteleiomon).

When the 1980s began to reviving and is reborn from the 30-year-old abandonment, then nobody could have imagined the current developments. Today the Palaios Panteleimon is characterized traditional settlement, as this is one of the best samples of traditional Macedonian architecture in northern Greece.


Nowdays Palios Panteleimon attracts visitors throughout the year. Old mansions and houses conserved have been restored and turned into a lovely hospitable hostels, which, in addition to the modern amenities, offer wonderful views of the Thermaikos Gulf, Platamon Castle and the Coasts of Pieria.

In the heart of the village, find the square with the sycamore trees, colorful flower pots, the impressive church of Saint Panteleimon and the restored old school.

Here you will find traditional taverns with local food and cuisine typical of the region, appetizers, homemade wine and the traditional tsipouro of Olympus. You can sip greek coffee, made in traditional way and taste the handmade sweets in the quaint cafes.

You will get there through a cobbled street – cars are not allowed and parked at parking in the village – on the way in which you will find several souvenir shops, folklore, decorations, gifts and jewelry scattered across the cobbled streets. To buy pasta, sweets, raki and perfect honey.


The whole image is wrapped in the green packaging the rich forest of chestnut trees and beech, which spreads around the village, enhancing even more the fairy-tale of the image. The dense forest is also ideal for hikes, walks and mountain bikes and 4×4, and paragliding. Also in the vicinity is housed the unique environmental school in the region.

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