Greek islands, which have always been the birthplace of Seamen, host several nautical Museums, which honor their centuries-old maritime tradition. Among all, however, stands out that museum which is not located by the sea, but at the foot of the largest mountain in Greece, mt Olympus. On the main street of Litochoro, located just a breath away from Mytikas peak, you will meet the Litochoro Maritime Museum.

Strange for a purely mountainous area to have a Maritime Museum. The capital of the municipality, however, had in the past, great naval activity, which in times of prosperity reached to employ even 60% of the male population. All this maritime history and heritage is presented through the exhibits and the paintings of the Nautical Museum of Litochoro.

The bridge of a ship

The idea of creation of the Maritime Museum of Litohoro began in 1995 by the Association of Retired Naval of Litohoro, to rescue and preserve the Naval cultural heritage of Litohoro.. So in 2004 they founded the association under the name Maritime Museum of Litochoro, as a body of contemporary maritime cultural heritage.

The objects that constitute the permanent collections of the museum come, for the most part from donations of naval families of the place, who supported the noble effort of the museum to save the maritime heritage and history of their place. The remaining items, according to the museum’s collector policy, were purchased from collectors of marine relics.

The presentation takes place in relation to the historical, geographical, economic, social and cultural conditions of the era to which they belong.

There is also the gallery of the museum, with works depicting mostly Litochorite sketches. The permanent collection, which has been in operation since 2004, is organized in two thematic units. The first one presents the local naval history through diaries, nautical charts and manuscripts of litochorite sailors. In the second, objects related to shipping and life at sea are exhibited.

For more information you can visit the official website of the Nautical Museum of Litochoro:

Ship “Saint George”

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