Loukia Valasi sings Mikis Theodorakis on Mount Olympus

On the tunes of traditional string  instruments flooded the mountain Olymbus, when the singer and master of the zither Loukia Valasi, filmed to the peaks of the mythical mountain the videoclip of Mikis Theodorakis song “Nyxta Magikia”.


The talented artist linked with the great voice and the tunes of zither and ancient lyre, two myths: the legendary Mountain, Mount Olympus and the legend of the music  Mikis Theodorakis.

This was also her purpose. To honor the legendary musician and composer who she had the good fortune to meet personally and the great happiness to hear flattering reviews for her work. So she chose, as stated in the “”, a landscape of corresponding imposing with Greek composer, to film the videoclip of his song.


Her relationship with the Olympus does not stop at this videoclip. Loukia Valasi has also written part of the soundtrack to two documentaries from the multi-award winning American series – documentary journalist Athina Krikeli entitled ”My Olympus” and “Macedonia. The shining gate to Mt Olympus”.


Loukia Valasi is a talented artist, full of goals and dreams, but above all a modest, humble and gracious personality. Do in fact act the saying, “worked hard in silence and let your success make noise”.

A bachelor’s degree senior theoretical and Music Science and Art with skills in the Zither of the University of Macedonia, has already cooperate with major Greek and foreign artists and composers, such as Giorgos Ntalaras, Glykeria, Kostas Makedonas, Xristos Nikolopoulos etc.

This is the song “Nyxta Magikia”. Enjoy it…

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