Holidays in Dion- Olympus. The Land of Gods

Blue that soothes the soul. Nature that you fall in love at first sight. Mountain that loved by Gods and human. Air rejecting any negative thought.

Municipality of Dion – Olympus.  A magical, dreamy place. The nature has endowed with much beauty, while the mythology and the history offered great glory.

If you have not yet visited this wonderful place now is the time to do so. It is certainly one of the most ideal destinations of Macedonia, attracting every year thousands of visitors.

This place combines mountain, sea, archaeological, cultural, religious, and gastronomy tourism. Although there are thousands of reasons why it is worth the visit, here are 10+1 that will certainly convince you.


1. Mount Olympus

The mountain of the Gods of Greek mythology. A monument of nature. A global symbol of culture. Whether you want to rise to the peak, or enjoy a lovely parkland routes in the Enipeas canyon, one thing is certain: you will be amazed by the perfection of the power and energy.

2. Litochoro

The capital city of the municipality. The central gate of Mount Olympus. From the main road you can see “Mytikas”, the mountain’s highest peak. Organized mountain huts with varied climbing routes are available to guests who want to explore the beauty of the mythic mountain.

3. Dion

In the northern foothills of Mount Olympus, in an area which ensures complete control over the narrow crossing from Macedonia in Thessalia, dominates  Dion. It was one of the most renowned Macedonian states and’ most holy city of the Macedonians. In addition to sacred worship place, it evolved into a great city, rose to prominence and excelled with the centuries. Today the archeological site of Dion is quite extensive, the organization is almost exemplary, offering the visitor a clear routes to navigate between the monuments.

4. Platamon Castle

In a landscape of unparalleling beauty and a strategic location is Platamon Castle, one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Greece.Built on a rocky ridge, in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, in the region to verify fully the place name: PLATAMON means rocky ends on the sea. In this area, with the agreement of the ancient sources and archaeological findings, the ancient polis  Herakleion, “first polis of Macedonia…” after the Tembi Valey. Today the Castle is under the responsibility of the 9th Cultural Organization, is open to the public and carried out the events of the Olympus Festival.

5.Olympus Riviera

Seaside villages, with deep blue coast, collect every year thousands of visitors. Sandy, pebble, deserted, with beach bars or not, busy or peaceful, on the door of your home or a little further away, the Olympus Riviera has it all. Leptokaria, Plaka, Skotina, Paralia Panteleimonas, Platamonas, Neoi Poroi are in an endless straight, moves parallel to the sea. Comfortable beaches with tourist traffic, but also small coves, all your “donated” generously, as it is free and accessible to everyone.


Paralia Panteleimonas

Plaka, Litochoro


6. Nightlife

In the evening a lively nightlife waiting at the club and beach bars, restaurants and cafe next to the wave, in all coastal areas of the Municipality. Traditional tavernas with delicious food you will find in the mountain villages. New hangout for its nightlife introduced the “Enipeas” canyon of Litochoro and the innovative multiples “Gallaria Tunnel” at Paralia  Panteleimonas.


“Molos at the beach” – Plaka, Litochoro

7. Traditional settlements

Built on the slopes of Mount Olympus, this charming Palaios Panteleimon village, in amazement at first glance. Stone houses with red-tile roofs, stone cobbled streets, the square with the sycamore trees, create a cinema scene. Once abandoned settlement became, for many years now, in tourist destination in summer and winter. The natural beauty, hospitality, great  foods, delicious homemade sweets, a cozy stay in traditional guesthouses and a short distance from the highway – just 6 kilometers – and the beach of Pieria, have climbed the Palaios Panteleimon in the first position of the heart of many visitors.

Also beautiful are the traditional settlements of Palaioi Poroi, Palaia Leptokarya, Palaia Skotina and Palaia Vrontou.

Palaios Panteleimonas

Palaios Panteleimonas

8. Olympus Festival

The Olympus Festival, the leading cultural event of Pieria held every year, in July-August in the ancient theater of Dion and in other places. Theatrical performances, concerts, performing arts exhibitions, archaeological speeches, proportion and archaeological walks and cinema includes the festival program.


9. Museums and Archaeological sites

You can visit:

Ancient Leivithra, Leptokaria

Maritime Museum of Litochoro

Olympus Geological History Museum

10. Monastery

Place sacred from prayer, the Monasteries at the foot of Mount Olympus, constitutes an attraction for thousands of visitors.  You can visit:

Holy Monastery of Saint Dionisios

Holy Monastery of Saint Ephraim

10+1 Accommodation for all

The Municipality of Dion – Olympus features lodging options for all budgets. Luxury hotels, graphic hostels and chalet, beautiful hotel units, fully equipped rooms and apartments, hostel and camping, it’s all here, ready to accommodate either near the mountain or near the sea.


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