“GALLARIA” Tunnel. Rewrites History

“It is not just a place where going, other than where you come back.”

The gallaria tunnel of the old railway line of Platamona, which for years had been plunged into oblivion and neglect, looted by dense vegetation and rust of the sea, was reborn through private initiative, as innovative new multiplex “GALLARIA” Tunnel.

In a landscape of rare beauty, just below the Platamon Castle, the gallaria tunnel of the old railway line train οffered in the past to passengers unique views of the sea, converted into a superb café and cultural space at the same time, who respect and tells the story of the past, with bright letters.

That was the aim of the indigenous businessman Giorgos Tzovas, who rented the area from the GAIAOSE S.A., wanting to create a pole of growth. With respect to the heritage of the area – is now designated a monument of industrial architecture of the 20th century – reconstructed the old tunnel  with contemporary terms, while maintaining the most original image.The new “GALLARIA” tunnel began its journey in time, just last June, having regard to the steering wheel, two sons of the operator, Apostolos and Manos Tzovas.


The “GALLARIA’ is reborn.

The open with arches, north of the old railway line, up to the point of entry into the tunnel,  Emplacements – Tower and the surrounding area, converted, with the new architecture, something more than a simple cafe and a tourist destination.

The “GALLARIA” tunnel is like a movie scene. On the actual rails of railway line and the wavelength of the sea explodes next to the sounds of the train and the smell of smoke “pops up” through the standing photo gallery, in the history of the tunnel, ornate hosted along the stone wall.

Inside, the architectural intervention, that respected fully the space created four buildings reminiscent of commercial railway wagons of the last century, rooted in existing steel rails, which hosts both bar and other ancillary areas. For the protection of steel lines, created a raised floor, on the basis of metal, which point becomes glass for viewing, with a discreet lighting. You can enjoy a coffee or drink with the sounds of wonderful rock and jazz music, which in combination with the dazzling surroundings, traveling at other times.

The emphasis in the industrial nature of the monument, with the stone, wood and metal to dominate. The choice of fittings were reputedly, the color of the toner, all arched openings, which opened with with a decked area, left the monument open for the most part. The end of the tunnel  leads to the beginning of the dark path, where and leave input for free access for walkers, and the old railway station of Platamona, a path for years charms visitors.

Outside the tunnel, abandoned and “rattled” by the time Tower, serviced and has emerged as the terrain of stone, through night lighting, while internally created two fairgrounds. Reaching the top, the blue of the goddess of Thermaikos sea and the lush green of Mount Olympus, are also taken a shine to even the most demanding visitor. Already in the area prepares the first photo exhibition, followed by a variety of events.

Today, more than 100 years after construction and more than a decade after its abandonment, the new ‘GALLARIA”, has become the most impressive and original space of Macedonia and the rest of Greece. The first summer the gathered crowds and there is no doubt that was reborn to write new history.

Story telling a tunnel which is 100 years old.

The tunnel  built in 1916 immediately after the liberation of Macedonia and it essentially forms the open north of the old railway line and the continuity of the tunnel of Platamonas.

In 1940 during the Second World War the Germans built emplacement-tower in front of the tunnel to control the great strategic pass.

In 2004 the old line abandoned, due to the new railway line and tunnel Platamon manufactured. Is characterized historic place, as sample Newer Industrial architecture of the 20th century and the passage of only pedestrians.

For more information and photos of ‘multiplex “GALLARIA” see here.

The architecture site survey was carried out by the architectural office online design architecture & lighting.

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