Dionolymposguide’s tribute to Olympus “Volta ston Olympo” (mt Olympus ride) continues with horse riding on the green paths of the mythical mountain. Whether you choose riding as a sport or as a hobby, always contact with the horse will remain an exciting experience. If, indeed, the equestrian routes take place in the beautiful area of […]

Mountain Yoga in the best place, Mount Olympus, to explore your inner strength and discover your own balance and tranquility. Olympus gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its wonderful natural beauty and focus on you. You can take part in one of the yoga programs, organized and eliminate the stress of everyday life, […]

“Volta ston Olympo” (Ride on Mount Olympus) with mountain bike. Continuing the series – tribute to mt Olympus, the second episode is a tribute to the mountain biking. The exploration of the forested trails of Mount Olympus on two wheels, is a unique bike experience. Those who decide to live the experience, they will explore […]

From the dense wooded paths, with the gorges, waterfalls and lush beauty up to the alpine scenery and the wonderful naked peaks, Olymbos, offers every climber mountain trails of incredible beauty. The exploration of Olympus will give you unique images and will travel you mentally, in the history, mythology and culture of Greece. Litochoro is […]

Thousands of people, from every corner of the globe, come every year to conquer the top of Mount Olympus, Mytikas, or to admire the incredible beauty of the mountain, which is a world monument of nature. Always bearing in mind that every visit to the mountain of the gods requires that we have the necessary […]

Dionolymposguide presents a series – tribute to Olympus mountain. The landmark of Greek mythology, the beautiful monument of nature, the universal symbol. This is the first introductory episode titled “Volta ston Olympo”. A tour of the paths of Enipeas, in the area of Melindra, in the old monastery of Saint Dionysios, at the waterfalls located […]

MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KATO OLYMPOS Very close to the area, there is a lower Olympos, mountain, completely separate and different from the Olympus, smooth, with wonderful forests. The asphalt raod network of Leptokarya to Karya (24 kilometers) and New Panteleimonas to Old Panteleimonas - Old (Skotina - Kallipeuki - Karya (42 km), gives us the [...]
DURATION10 Hours HEIGHT2000 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE17,5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KARIA - DIASELO METAMORFOSIS / KAKAVRAKOU - SKOLIO - MITIKAS From the village of the path O2 (which starts from Crete and meets the international Mountaineering Path E4 from the Pyrenees in Mytika) leads us to "Charvalovrisi" and then in the alpine south [...]
DURATION5 Hours HEIGHT1300 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELDifficult DISTANCE5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - KARAISKINI - PAPA RACHI - OROPEDIO MOUSON Difficult route without marking on many points. In the forest path of previous journeys #17-18) eight miles after the intersection of "Mparas" (or two kilometers before we reach the stream of "Naume"), left and [...]
DURATION3 Hours HEIGHT1200 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE7 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - MEGALI GOURNA Following the forest path of the previous route (No.17) and two kilometers away after the stream "Naume", the road passes through the Riverbed "Xerolakki" (1350 meters) and concrete water tank. Right alongside the riverbed climbs and after asphalt road [...]