On the tunes of traditional string  instruments flooded the mountain Olymbus, when the singer and master of the zither Loukia Valasi, filmed to the peaks of the mythical mountain the videoclip of Mikis Theodorakis song “Nyxta Magikia”.   The talented artist linked with the great voice and the tunes of zither and ancient lyre, two […]

A young, energetic, talented CEO, is behind the “Avaton Luxury Villas Resort”, on the beach of Komitsas in Halkidiki, Greece, the Hotel that managed to be included in the list of gifts on the 90th Academy Awards. Natalia Chantzi, targeted and reached the entrance of the 5stars Resort, on that package of gifts,  fact that is a great success, […]

A few, just days before the premiere of the new theatrical representation, where plays, “Stella”, by Michalis Kakogiannis which is transferred to the theater for the first time, actor, writer and singer Paschalis Tsarouchas found on Monday 23 October 2017 in the “Allo Kafeneio” in Katerini, for the launch of this new book, “And to […]

FANI KOUKOULI SPEAKS FOR THE AWARD IN dionolymposguide.gr Fani Κοukouli from Litochoro Pieria, is another Greek, which shines abroad and is a shining example of hard work, endless effort and passion for her work. In the last 5 years lives in Paris and works as a post-doctoral researcher at the Pasteur Institute. The recent conquest […]