With what words to describe a company, when all of the products actually exceed every word, every sense, every displayed? What words reflect the true picture? How can you reflect the quality and originality of their products? Smart LED Desk Lamp The company designisthis.com failed and made a synonym, high aesthetics, vanguards, the craftsmanship, unique […]

You want to decorate the garden, on the terrace or your balcony with flowers and plants, but not to use the usual pots? We suggest ideas for beautiful and original pots that you can create your own. See with other eyes, many things you have in your home and convert them into unique handmade creations, […]

The winter passed and soon ends and the March, with a heavy rainfall and cold, who offered us.   The heavy winter we had this year, with the heavy snowfalls and unusual in our country low temperatures, left behind the frozen and almost “processed” flowers and plants on the balconies. Before taking the decision to […]