The priceless statues and other findings, brought to light by the archaeological hoe in the area of Dion, are kept in the Archaeological Museum. It is housed in a building, at a distance of 500 m. from the entrance of the archaeological site of Dion. The first museum was built in 1931 at the expense […]

In the archaeological site of Dion, right next to the building of the Archaeological Museum, is the Store Gallery of Dion. The building was created specifically for the preservation of the mosaic of the “Villa of Dionysus”, one of the most impressive mosaics of Greece.The epic mosaic depicts the triumph of Dionysus, the God of wine. […]

In a landscape of unparalleling beauty and a strategic location is Platamon Castle, one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Greece. Built on a rocky ridge, in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, in the region to verify fully the place name: PLATAMON means rocky ends on the sea. In this […]

At the foot of Mount Olympus, “on the southernmost part, where the mountains turning around from the Thessaly looking in Macedonia,” says Pausanias, placed the Ancient Leivithra. It is an ancient city with Acropolis, was built between the current Old Leptokarya and Skotina, in the Kanalia.   The name Leivithra means the water canals, as […]

In the northern foothills of Mount Olympus, in an area which ensures complete control over the narrow crossing from Macedonia in Thessalia, dominates the Dion. It was one of the most renowned Macedonian states and’ most holy city of the Macedonians. In addition to sacred worship place, it evolved into a great city, rose to […]