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The priceless statues and other findings, brought to light by the archaeological hoe in the area of Dion, are kept in the Archaeological Museum. It is housed in a building, at a distance of 500 m. from the entrance of the archaeological site of Dion. The first museum was built in 1931 at the expense […]

Dionolymposguide’s tribute to Olympus “Volta ston Olympo” (mt Olympus ride) continues with horse riding on the green paths of the mythical mountain. Whether you choose riding as a sport or as a hobby, always contact with the horse will remain an exciting experience. If, indeed, the equestrian routes take place in the beautiful area of […]

In the archaeological site of Dion, right next to the building of the Archaeological Museum, is the Store Gallery of Dion. The building was created specifically for the preservation of the mosaic of the “Villa of Dionysus”, one of the most impressive mosaics of Greece.The epic mosaic depicts the triumph of Dionysus, the God of wine. […]