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Great success had four small pupils the 2nd Primary School Litochoro, who awarded the 4th Panhellenic and from Cyprus literary competition school year 2016-2017, hitting all four of the six positions prize-winning works in the category “poetry of Classes A, B, C grade”. The students from the third grade sent four poems and all winners. […]

The custom to drink wine, referring in particular to the health, prosperity, happiness and a stroke, dating back to ancient times. Even today we are unknown when someone “stood” the first glass in the air, in honor of an ancient god or for the health of relatives and friends. In the depths of centuries and […]

The winter passed and soon ends and the March, with a heavy rainfall and cold, who offered us.   The heavy winter we had this year, with the heavy snowfalls and unusual in our country low temperatures, left behind the frozen and almost “processed” flowers and plants on the balconies. Before taking the decision to […]

Most of us, we are not in the morning, if not drink with our coffee and even in our favorite mug. See some original and very special cups for coffee and between them find, which inspires you more or making the disposal…                           […]

The best drink, before drink or eat anything in the morning, it is a glass of lukewarm water with lemon!!! In accordance with the food experts, is the best natural reinforcing energy. In the morning, our body is dehydrated and needs sufficient water to push out the toxins and to renew the cells. Lemons are […]

In the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, unfolding the new game “Survivor” of Skai tv. The players of the two groups, “Famous” and the “Fighters”, opted for the sake of the prize of 100,000 euros, of audience, and perhaps the confirmation of egoism and vanity, perhaps even a weekly salary […]

MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KATO OLYMPOS Very close to the area, there is a lower Olympos, mountain, completely separate and different from the Olympus, smooth, with wonderful forests. The asphalt raod network of Leptokarya to Karya (24 kilometers) and New Panteleimonas to Old Panteleimonas - Old (Skotina - Kallipeuki - Karya (42 km), gives us the [...]
DURATION10 Hours HEIGHT2000 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE17,5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KARIA - DIASELO METAMORFOSIS / KAKAVRAKOU - SKOLIO - MITIKAS From the village of the path O2 (which starts from Crete and meets the international Mountaineering Path E4 from the Pyrenees in Mytika) leads us to "Charvalovrisi" and then in the alpine south [...]
DURATION5 Hours HEIGHT1300 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELDifficult DISTANCE5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - KARAISKINI - PAPA RACHI - OROPEDIO MOUSON Difficult route without marking on many points. In the forest path of previous journeys #17-18) eight miles after the intersection of "Mparas" (or two kilometers before we reach the stream of "Naume"), left and [...]
DURATION3 Hours HEIGHT1200 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE7 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - MEGALI GOURNA Following the forest path of the previous route (No.17) and two kilometers away after the stream "Naume", the road passes through the Riverbed "Xerolakki" (1350 meters) and concrete water tank. Right alongside the riverbed climbs and after asphalt road [...]
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