Why are we “Clinking” glasses before drink and say “cheers”?

The custom to drink wine, referring in particular to the health, prosperity, happiness and a stroke, dating back to ancient times. Even today we are unknown when someone “stood” the first glass in the air, in honor of an ancient god or for the health of relatives and friends.

In the depths of centuries and during the development of this custom, added the “banging” of the glasses. The theories as to how this started at vary.

  • The most prevalent theory, argues that “banging” started during the Christian era. The original intention was to expel the devil, who during that perception, solicitor when listen to bells and ξturn out the demons. For the same reason some people rang bells before drink.
  • Another version says that, in the ancient Greece “banging” glasses, as there were often suspected murderous poisoning. With that, was spilling some of the drink one in the drink elsewhere, as proof that the drinks did not contain poison.
  • Another version says, every time we drink, must be involved in the process and satisfied all senses. The touch when we hold the glass, the sight when we look carefully the color and clarity of the drink, the smell when we smell of perfume and to satisfied the hearing we revealed the “banging” of the glasses.
  • Most of the theories converge that it was a “necessity” to preserve the unity, when they were stopped to drink together from the same reservoir and supping from separate glasses. So, bringing the glasses close, symbolized the comradeship, the reunification of the drink… in one.

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