Traditional greek “trachana”


It is always so easy to cook the Greek traditional food “Trachana”. It is perhaps one of the most simply, quickly, but at the same time delicious meals. In the first cold winter days the smell emerging from almost every Greek home and is one of the most traditional meals within and outside Greece.

The production, however, is a difficult and time-consuming procedure, which really requires effort but first and foremost love and care for what you do.

This care and patience to reach the “trachana” warm at our plates, we see it in the way of preparation from our grandmother, Dimitra Papageorgiou. In Litochoro at the foot of Mount Olympus, makes the homemade sweet trachana with mixed fresh milk (goat’s and sheep’s milk), wheat and semolina.


“Trachanas” holds its roots in ancient Greece. According to ancient – botanical investigation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was the feeding of the ancient Greeks during the Neolithic period (6500 to 3000 b.c.)

There are two types of trachana: sweet and the sour. For the preparation we use wheat flour and sheep’s milk or yoghurt, depending on the type of Trachana. In particular, the sweet frumenty prepared with boiled milk , while the sour with sour milk or yoghurt.


The cooking is simple, but the blending is very difficult and requires strong hands. We strain fresh mixed milk and bring to the boil. Just starts to boil drop salt and slowly add wheat and semolina while at the same time with the help of another person, stir quickly and with force. As soon as the “trachanas” starts curdle we blind fire, cover and leave it all night.

The next day rub with our hands on a sieve, making it increasingly smaller pieces. The outstretched hand in a sunny part, on tables adorned with tablecloths and cover well, in order to prevent insects and debris.

Then mop up the Trachana on a bench, leaving other 3-4 days. When dry very well store it in glass food containers or in puppets bags, away from moisture and other smells.

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