Small poets of the 2nd Primary School Litochoro, awarded in the panhellenic tender poetry.

Great success had four small pupils the 2nd Primary School Litochoro, who awarded the 4th Panhellenic and from Cyprus literary competition school year 2016-2017, hitting all four of the six positions prize-winning works in the category “poetry of Classes A, B, C grade”.

The students from the third grade sent four poems and all winners.

The jury of the contest, composed of teachers – members of the Union of Greek Writers awarded:

The second prize in the poem titled “Sweet Home” the schoolgirl Angeliki Karkatsela.

The third prize in the poem titled “The strength of the friendship” of the pupil Yiannis Moshovas.

The second praise the poem titled “Full Moon” of the pupil Christou Koukouli.

The third praise the poem titled “One trip” of the pupil “Kalliopi Davioti.

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