The most important piece of an outfit is the shoes. Fashion experts say that the shoes are the accessory, which can be boosted or destroy a whole. If so, you want elegance at your feet, but without great cost, then the company footwear Olympic Stores, is the ideal solution for you. Follow the new trends in fashion and treat at your feet, the style that suits them best!!


The e-shop  you can discover your favorite pair of shoes, through an impressive collection in designs and colors, in women, men and children’s shoes and even the best prices in the market, which start at 9.90 Euros!! With a single click, easily and quickly the pair that best suits your fashion and renew your collection with free change and send throughout Greece!!

Women’s boots, pumps, espadrilles, boxer, parex, wedding shoes, sports, covering every style and give you comfort and elegance.

Rich collection in men’s shoes and infant, gives the whole family elegance and superb aesthetics.


Sandals for relaxed walks through the city, modern and sexy heels for a more formal circumstances or flat to combine comfort and elegance. You will find projects, lines and colors to make each pair unique and are the best way to flatter each set.

High and low platforms shoes, in a variety of colors, designs and materials such as suede, velvet, leather, gives extra height, without straining. Impressive and practices, may be the best choice for any occasion as a day at work, an afternoon walk, or even for an evening out.


In the online store you will even find a wide range of women’s slippers with superb aesthetics. Calming and relaxing winter slippers and a rich collection of summer, which will ensure you have a comfortable daily appearances.

The long course of the Olympic Stores at the site of the footwear, is the best guarantee for the quality of footwear experience, professionalism and great customer service. Nearly 70 years presence in the footwear – in 1949 established the first gift until today — the Olympic Stores, a population of 7 shops in Thessaloniki, remaining from the most reputable companies of footwear in Northern Greece.


With the creation of the e-shop “,” the products arrive daily throughout Greece, with free shipping and change!! Get you discounts ranging up to 60% and get comfortable and stable walking actually stands out!!

Because, as Christian Dior said: “Many women believe that shoes are insignificant, but the real proof that a woman is elegant is located on hers feet”.


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