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One of the best and most organized fitness centers of Greece, has recently acquired Leptokarya. The “REBEL FITNESS CLUB” came and brought really that the name means: “revolution” in the area of sports throughout the Pieria.


In the wheel of navigation are two brothers, Haris and  Reveka Koukara. Two new children, with knowledge, with expertise in the subject, but especially with incredible fun and zest for their work. Plan for each individual fitness program, in accordance with the needs and purpose. But at the same time the monitor, encourage and guide the implementation of the (personal training), so as to achieve the best results.


A unique place inside – outside.

The building was constructed from the outset to accommodate fitness center, with the result that areas to fulfill all the necessary requirements of a modern and standard sporting and wellness area. The most important thing is that it was built with love and care by the owners and this positive energy of the really “blends”.


The “REBEL FITNESS CLUB” wins from the first moment watch. A two-storey corner building, with large wall-to-wall – which in the evening is converted into internal mirrors – with great lighting and with simple architectural aesthetics, enthusiastic, even before you enter the interior.


In addition, the comfortable surroundings, as well as a large cross-section and the possibility of parking around the building, give you the possibility of easy access to, a factor that is crucial for selecting a gym.


And then you walk in…

When you open the door, what you see  far exceeds the expectations, even of the most demanding participant. The comfortable, bright, clear space, with its modern fitness machines, all in black – yellow color as well as the entire interior of the building, make you want to stay for ever!


The fitness center still has the “smell of new”, as well as opened its doors very recently, only on 29 May 2017. The turnout but the public is impressively large, for a few more days.


The equipment is standard for the whole of Greece.

All areas of the “REBEL FITNESS CLUB” are fitted with modern fitness machines, a leader in the area, ITALIAN COMPANY PANATTASPORT. A model for the whole of Greece, with regard to the variety and quantity of machines.


Facilities with a total area of 500 sqm spread on 4 different levels. In the first level is established all cardiovascular equipment. In the second the Fitness instruments, the weights and the bars, at the third level are in the changing rooms and bathrooms, while the fourth 2 meeting of collective programs and martial arts.


The spacious living areas, large capacity of individuals, the functionality of the equipment, the variety and number of machines, are all those which characterise a fitness center as a state-of-the-art and model. As an area in the scene positively, primarily to the choice and subsequent to remain to this. And the “REBEL FITNESS CLUB” outweigh all determinants – keys to select a gym.


Two large halls collective programs

Features two large and comfortable meeting collective programs. Already carried out programs TRX, YOGA, CARDIO AND PILATES and martial arts, and will soon join more. The immediate priorities, and children’s programs.


Extremely clean changing rooms 

The spacious, luxurious and clean-changing rooms – different for men and women – create ideal conditions, or to prepare for a workout or to relax after than this.


You can save your personal items safely in one of the many lockers. The lovely bathrooms, with the plain lighting and background music, you can enjoy a refreshing shower, that will relax and renew immediately after a workout.


“REBEL FITNESS CLUB”: A revolution in sports

Even if you were not in favor of gyms, a visit to the “REBEL FITNESS CLUB” is enough to change your mind.

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