How can withstand without food??

In the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, unfolding the new game “Survivor” of Skai tv.

The players of the two groups, “Famous” and the “Fighters”, opted for the sake of the prize of 100,000 euros, of audience, and perhaps the confirmation of egoism and vanity, perhaps even a weekly salary that is said to receive, to be hungry and to arrive at the ends.

However, they know the rules from the beginning of the game, prepared even psychological and undertake their own risk.

But what happens when someone is suddenly and unexpectedly in conditions of hunger? How long can withstand the man without food?

The scientific community claims that a person can live without food, a maximum of 2 months. The only data that we have in this case is the hunger strikes.

The largest recorded, is the Irish political prisoner Terence MacSwiney, who has survived 74 days without food, before died in 1920.

The complete abstention from food, presents a bitter foretaste hazards to human health. The human body, cannot be done even the basic functions, without food. The amount would be able to withstand, is directly dependent on the goodwill of the man. Having food, the body begins slowly to adjust to the new conditions.

In the first stage, in 1 to 3 days, the agency uses the quantities of glucose, water and salts. Loss weight often sudden and large. In the second stage, which could take up to 2 weeks, recovers energy from the deposits of fat and muscle.

Loss of muscle mass, the body is now working at idle speed, decreases the heart rate and blood pressure. In the third stage, the Agency will use the latest available substances, the protein content of the cells.

We have reached the limits of survival when consumed 30 – 50% of the protein and if we lose 50% of body weight.

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