The cookies are among the most favorite scones throughout Greece. It is delicious, crispy, ready to accompany the breakfast and afternoon our case. It is one of the recipes Easter, which gives you a wonderful smell at home. Our grandmother, Dimitra Papageorgiou, prepared with care and love, the more crispy and delicious cookies with a recipe that all we can do.

Ingredients recipe:

1 cup sugar

1 cup of sunflower oil

1 cup Retsina

250g Soft Butter

1 small bag Baking Powder

650g (approximately) flour (as much as you need the dough to be frothy)

100g Sesame seeds

Melt down in a saucepan the butter and leave aside to cool slightly. In a bowl drop sugar, sunflower oil, the retsina and stir by hand. Add some flour, continuing always Stir by hand. Then add all the sesame seeds and baking powder together. Continue to stir by hand and add gradually  the rest of the flour (as much as you need to make dough frothy and not tight). Knead the dough about 1-2 minutes and is ready.

We take a small quantity from the dough and mould by hand. placing them in two big oily desired, with a short distance from one another. Place the cookies in two baking sheets which you have brushed with oil, in a short distance from one another.

We mould the cookies in the same size to cook through evenly. We bake in preheated oven (170). In half an hour we check to see if the cookies were baked at their base. Remove from the oven after about 50 minutes.

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