Agia Kori (Saint Daughter) Olympus

In one of the most impressive gorges of Mount Olympus, in the Old Vrontou Municipality of Dion – Olympus, is built the church of Agia Kori (Holy Daughter). The pilgrimage is dedicated to an unknown beautiful daughter, which she fled there to escape from the Turks.

Just 5 km from the village of Vrontou, a path with 169 steps, winds through into the ravine and green beauty of Olympus. At the end of the steps, a bridge uniting the two slopes of a gully leading than it directly at the entrance to the pilgrimage.

The Chapel is an integral part of the natural beauty of the region, built around a tree. Next to the entrance runs the holy water, which the faithful consider miraculous and come to drink, and many are those who bear witness to dozens of miracles.

The Holy Daughter not recognized officially by the Church as Holy, because there is no information on the identity of. Although it is recognized in the conscience of the people, as well as the nonstop pilgrimage of believers converted the chapel, except space of natural beauty and recreation and in the spiritual center of the region.

Which was Agia Kori

Agia Kori in accordance with the narration of the inhabitants of Vrontou, originated in a village of Ioannina. But we do not know exactly the name, the origin and the exact origins. This is why in the folk tradition named Agia Daughter (holy girl).

The Legend says that the Holy daughter was an amazing beauty of the girl who lived during the Ottoman Occupation in one of the villages of Epirus, on the age of the tyrant of the Continent Ali Pasha (1788 – 1822 AD)

Turkish Aga wanted her for the harem and instructed a detachment to lead to him. Nevertheless one Greek soldier informs and told her to leave the place.

But the girl was devoted to God and he refused to bow to the slavery and disgrace. Took it in an easterly of Virgin Mary and lost in the mountains. After many hardships reached Olympus mountain, finding refuge in the area next to the Church of the Holy Trinity in Old Vrontou.

There is a possibility that helped to reach there scaffolders, who were each winter from the villages of Epirus on Mount Olympus to work as carpenters.

Ali Pasha who had been spying on everything, he learned that was hidden in Vrontou village and sent people to engage. The Holy Daughter left in its last refuge, the deep ravine. There refrained from approaching people from the fear of discover the retreat. During the period of residence of the ravine discovered a cave where she had been hiding. Eating roots and cranberries and that another came forward, choosing to forsake the world and to live soberly and purity.

Many of the shepherds the descended and gave food, but that kept secret the identity and testimony of history. It is not known how many years she lived before died of the hardships and deprivation.

After long time residents found dead in the ravine, at the place where today is the church and the holy water and buried in the same place near the cave where she was hiding.

After the death people  began to visit the place and the image of the Virgin Mary, which had brought together. Several testimonies of people prior to 1940 said that there was this an easterly of the Virgin Mary. They do not know, but neither ever has disappeared, nor why, with most likely versions the theft from illicit trade in antiquities or the destruction of the wear of time.

The inhabitants of the area built there a church initially simple without pace and architecture. In the long term, Agia Kori r was recognized as a Holy Daughter in the conscience of all its inhabitants. The water there was holy water and many witness dozens of miracles.

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