MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KATO OLYMPOS Very close to the area, there is a lower Olympos, mountain, completely separate and different from the Olympus, smooth, with wonderful forests. The asphalt raod network of Leptokarya to Karya (24 kilometers) and New Panteleimonas to Old Panteleimonas - Old (Skotina - Kallipeuki - Karya (42 km), gives us the [...]
DURATION10 Hours HEIGHT2000 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE17,5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KARIA - DIASELO METAMORFOSIS / KAKAVRAKOU - SKOLIO - MITIKAS From the village of the path O2 (which starts from Crete and meets the international Mountaineering Path E4 from the Pyrenees in Mytika) leads us to "Charvalovrisi" and then in the alpine south [...]
DURATION5 Hours HEIGHT1300 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELDifficult DISTANCE5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - KARAISKINI - PAPA RACHI - OROPEDIO MOUSON Difficult route without marking on many points. In the forest path of previous journeys #17-18) eight miles after the intersection of "Mparas" (or two kilometers before we reach the stream of "Naume"), left and [...]
DURATION3 Hours HEIGHT1200 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE7 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - MEGALI GOURNA Following the forest path of the previous route (No.17) and two kilometers away after the stream "Naume", the road passes through the Riverbed "Xerolakki" (1350 meters) and concrete water tank. Right alongside the riverbed climbs and after asphalt road [...]
DURATION4-5 Hours HEIGHT1350 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELDangerous DISTANCE4,5-5 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : XEROLAKKI - REMA NAOUM - OROPEDIO MOUSON Following the forest path – Kokkinopilou - Petras, in the 5th kilometer, "leaks" vertically left of us a forestry asphalt road, at the start of a metal strip. The area is called "strip". On entering this [...]
DURATION6 Hours HEIGHT1316 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE9 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KOKKINOPILOS - KITROS - XEROLAKKI This route is one of the unknown but very beautiful trails of Mount Olympus. Starting from the Kokkinopilos (1100 meters) to the tap "Roudi" (1800m) progressing in dense forest. Just get to the open area in the forest [...]
DURATION6-7 Hours HEIGHT1766 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE12 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KOKKINOPILOS - MEGALI GOURNA - SKALA From the edge of the village (1100 meters) passes the path E4, with the southern first direction and after the riverbed the stream of "Stalamatias" eastern. Crossing the beautiful ravine of "Stalamatias" progressing within the riverbed and [...]
DURATION4-5 Hours HEIGHT1000 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE8 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : AGIA KORI - MASTOROULI - KLEFTOVRISI In the 4th kilometer of highway leading from the Vrontou to Agia Kori , after moving the crossing of Agia Triada and Old Vrontoy , on the right we start asphalt forestry path length 13.5 kilometers, which [...]
DURATION5 - 6 Hours HEIGHT1700 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELMedium DISTANCE9 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : AGIOS KON/NOS - KOROMILIA - PETRSTROUGA An unknown to many path that hides but many and rare beauty. Starting from the little chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen, is located in the 4th kilometer of forest road Dιon - Koromilia. Just [...]
DURATION4-5 Hours HEIGHT950-400 Meters DIFFICULTY OF TRAVELEasy DISTANCE10 Km MOUNTAIN TRAILS : KREVATIA VRONTOUS - PAPA ALONI - AGIA TRIADA The path has many ups and downs and because of the low altitude can be done easily and in winter. The starting point of the route is in the area of the refuge "Krevatia" Vrontous [...]