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Although many lie on a daily basis, starring our politicians, there are the lies that say 1 April, where someone says lies in order to fool the «victim» and tell him with a smile of success good month! An example of a great farce, is when at the beginning of the 20th century an American […]

One of the traditions of the Easter Season is red eggs. The tradition wants them painted red, but in recent years the trend left here the marks, transforming the eggs in the color palette of various colours. In addition to the custom of dyeing Easter eggs, there is also the custom of clinking them. In […]

A Oscar award is the ultimate recognition for an actor or director. There are, however, leading personalities of the seventh art, made a great career in Hollywood, but not won an Oscar award. This list introducing the 15 most flagrant cases. The nine are not Americans and perhaps that has its importance. The honorary Oscar […]

In any love story, the path is long.  Sometimes beautiful, sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. But when the starting point is covered with love, then starting is really strong. This starting in your own love story, record the company “VM Photography”. It is present to capture with cinematic way, all the happiness, the emotion, the […]

The larger and brighter full moon we have ever seen in our lives, we will have on 31 January 2018. Three different σεληνιακα phenomena will be combined to give a “super blue blood moon”. The last time recorded in the same phenomenon, was on 31 March 1866! It is the combination of three phenomena: We […]

The most important piece of an outfit is the shoes. Fashion experts say that the shoes are the accessory, which can be boosted or destroy a whole. If so, you want elegance at your feet, but without great cost, then the company footwear Olympic Stores, is the ideal solution for you. Follow the new trends […]

Unparalleling landscapes and rare beauty that nature has endowed with more beautiful scenery, altered from time to time by anthropogenic interference, imposed by the modern way of life. When the rapid evolution of technology impose something new – when the economic benefit of individuals dominates – then leave one hand free to sigh, but at […]

FANI KOUKOULI SPEAKS FOR THE AWARD IN dionolymposguide.gr Fani Κοukouli from Litochoro Pieria, is another Greek, which shines abroad and is a shining example of hard work, endless effort and passion for her work. In the last 5 years lives in Paris and works as a post-doctoral researcher at the Pasteur Institute. The recent conquest […]

The importance of the use of the white cane and awareness toward the efforts being made by the visually impaired people for a more independent and decent living , emphasized each time with the celebration of the World ‘WHITE CANE DAY”’.   On the occasion of this marking the Department Of Antiquities Pieria, the Center […]

The municipal transport routes will last until the end of September 2017. ROUTES LITOCHORO – “PRIONIA” FRIDAY – SATURDAY – SUNDAY MORNING   AFTERNOON From Litochoro to “Prionia” at 7:00 From Litochoro to “Prionia” at 16:00 From “Prionia” to Litochoro at 8:30 From “Prionia” to Litochoro at 17:30   The starting point for routes is the […]

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