Artistic exhibition of Eleni Ziaka in Litochoro

Ιn the hall of St Nicholas in Litochoro, launched on Sunday 12 August 2018, the individual art gallery of Eleni Ziaka. The exhibition will last until 18 August and will be open to the public daily from 7.30 in the afternoon until 10.30 in the evening.

Each one of us carries in its own sea, location memories as shelters personal peace. The artist Eleni Ζιακα “grabs” its own feelings and images, on the beautiful artistic creations presented in an individual exhibition.

Paintings by theme in the spring and summer, music, Litohoro, works of art that “smells” sea, composed of stones, seashells, starfish, travel us in Greece and remind us our personal travel experiences, images, smells and feelings.

Eleni Ziaka has taken part in many collective exhibitions in Greece and recently participated in the 4th Collective Exhibition of Greek Art titled “Mosaic Arts” which took place in Vienna in the exhibit gallery “Der kunstraum Ringstrasse Gallerie”, for the promotion of friendship, peace and civilization.




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