Litochoro – Prionia


    6 Hours


    1.000 Meters




    12,4 Km


From the “Mills” (400 meters), one of the entrances of the National Forest, at the top of the town of Litochoro, starts the international path climbing routes (E4, which crosses the unique beauty Canyon Enipeas. The path is well-kept, labeled and informative signs and ends after many ups and downs in the “Saws”, the sources of Enipeas(1100 meters).

The path to the authority follows the canyon of Enipeas, from left, while after the middle of the route crosses the Enipeas seven times – with beautiful wooden Bridges – having the riverbed never from the right and the left.

In the second half of the route we encounter the Holy Cave, where Agios Dionysios lived and after twenty minutes going to the Monastery of St Dionysios which deserves to visit one and remains open for pilgrims from April to October.

After 10thin hiking after moving the monastery, descends to the left of us path, leading to a few minutes to beautiful waterfalls of Enipeas. Because of the many routes is quite busy, but many forms Geologic Formations, the ponds with crystal clear waters and the vertical slopes, give the landscape of rare beauty and reward the visitor with the best way.

The path can be done in the opposite direction, i.e. if we go to the “Saws” or the Monastery of Saint Dionisios with the vehicle.

Source : http://www.olympusfd.gr/gr/Diadromes1.asp

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